Upside down or inside out, a woman's handbag holds all that is precious. Some prefer tiny accessory bags, others carry totes. But two things every handbag should be: beautiful and sturdy.

A purse is a woman's best friend. Mitzify Canada Group, Inc. designs fashionable, functional handbags for the modern working women.

Mitzi Faigal

After growing up in the Philippines, the CEO and Founder immigrated to Canada later in life.

It was clear that "handbag searching" was a global inconvenience; Some women are constantly rummaging through purses for buried items.

Mitzi saw a need and filled it. The designer and e-commerce entrepreneur launched Mitzify Canada Group, Inc. to make modern women's lives easier. Busy moms and professionals often carry more than just a wallet and lunch bag each day. Most take a laptop, drink container(s), cell phone, tablet, and more for a workday; on top of that many have toddlers to care for.

Whether traveling or commuting to work, Mitzify Canada Group, Inc. matches the occasion. Instead of choosing between a briefcase and a diaper bag, Mitzify handbags are a purse and travel bag in one.

One never forgets our roots, one looks back to the past to honour elders while other eye looks forward to the future generation. Such is the core of Mitzify, a product for the women of the world and sharing the harvest with the elderly and the future.

The future is what we intend it to be... don't rest on small victories... trust that success is simply working harder."